Tagoras Association LMS Report

Selecting an LMS Does Not Have to Be a Long, Complex Process

In Association Learning Management Systems, we've done the work of identifying LMS companies with a track record in the association sector. We've gathered all of the features and functionality data and we've charted key comparisons. As a result, this report enables you to:

  • save a tremendous amount of time in gathering LMS product data;
  • run a more efficient and effective learning management system RFP process;
  • increase speed to market and reduce overall risk for your e-learning program;
  • and make the right technology choice for your organization.

We’ve narrowed the field of LMS providers down to a small group dedicated to serving associations and experienced in meeting association needs. We asked the providers to respond to an extensive, highly detailed questionnaire and provide a demonstration of their system. The final report is more than 400 pages long and includes:

  • An overview of LMS usage in the association sector
  • An extensive set of guiding questions for LMS selection
  • 29 tables that compare systems across a variety of areas
  • In-depth vendor profiles based on 243 questions covering 28 different areas
  • Brief reviews of each system based on answers to the questions and a demonstration session with each vendor

If you would like to dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with choosing the right learning management system, the Tagoras Association Learning Management Systems report is just what you need.

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