Association E-learning - State of the Sector

Are you charged with creating or growing a revenue-producing e-learning program, but unsure about how to make the best decisions? Do you know what associations are doing to make their e-learning programs work? How are associations creating, pricing, selling, and delivering e-learning?

To craft a successful e-learning strategy you need solid information about the current state of your market and what the future is likely to bring. Association E-learning: State of the Sector provides the most comprehensive assessment of e-learning in the association sector available anywhere.

The Knowledge You Need to Succeed

If you are an association planning to launch an e-learning initiative or trying to grow your current online education programs, Association E-learning: State of the Sector is a must have for your due diligence process. Organizations that provide e-learning products and services to the association sector also won't want to miss out on this report.

Based on survey data collected from nearly 500 organizations as well as on interviews with 20 associations and 13 technology and service providers, Association E-learning: State of the Sector provides insight into:

  • what types of e-learning associations are offering
  • what tools and platforms are being used to deliver e-learning
  • how association e-learning is priced and marketed
  • how associations satisfied with e-learning differ from those that are not
  • how social media is impacting association e-learning
  • what the trends and opportunities for the future are
  • key questions to consider when launching or growing your e-learning initiatives
What the Report Contains

The 103-page report provides:

  • substantial data and extensive quotes from individuals on the front lines of association e-learning;
  • six case studies from association e-learning programs and purchasers of the report will continue to receive additional case studies on a regular basis until the next edition of the report is published in 2010;
  • strategic and tactical questions and tips to use when implementing or growing e-learning at your organization - including insights into how to select a learning management system;
  • insights and predictions from authors Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, who together have nearly two decades of experience in helping associations plan and implement e-learning initiatives.

There simply is no better source for understanding the role that e-learning currently plays – and will play – in the association sector.

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